Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Messiest studio in the world?

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!! I'm gonna show you the messiest studio in the world...yep, it's all mine. Today I spent 4 straight hours cleaning it, and I'm off to a good start BUT I need to organize even more and throw more stuff away...I threw 2 huge garbage bags away of trash, and I'm not even gonna show you the closet!! We built this house not even a year ago, so I can't even say that this mess has been building up for years:( When I get involved in a project or painting, I just get alittle crazy and don't put things back where they go...hence the mess! But it was starting to drive me bonkers to not know where anything is! Imagine that!! Anyways, I'm pleased with my progress and am going to continue to organize and I'm gonna TRY to keep it somewhat looking decent and not like a tornado occurred. Please tell me your studio can get messy...

messiest studio EVER!!

My office section of studio

I organized each of the bins, still looks messy but it is organized:)
Threw away TONS of old paints, markers that didn't work, etc...

MUCH BETTER!!! but still needs work!!

P.S. I know it's CRAAAZY to have carpet in an art studio, but the workers had put it in before I could tell them to leave it with just the wood:( and I am not being careful to not keep paint off the floor. When we sell the house, we will just rip it out and replace:)

P.S.S. The rest of my house is neat and clean, promise:)


  1. Well my thoughts are that a messy room shows I've had fun creating art and a clean room shows I ready to crate another artful mess!!!

  2. I love it! It just means we've been busy! Lol!