Friday, June 1, 2012

May Adult Workshop

What do you get when you have painting, wine, delicious appetizers, amazing music? These 12 ladies had a wonderful time at my May workshop and I was proud of what they created. Follow my blog so you can keep updated on future workshop offerings!

Whimsical folk art houses/session 1

My first session of art camp was a blast. The girls made some fantastic art and made some new friends.
The snack was so much fun.I used hershey bars for the base of house, fruit stripe gum for the roof, decorator gel for door and flower, pixie stick for the base of flower. YUMMY!

checking out what her new friend is creating...

silly times

my daughter Meg creates such a great piece. I have it hanging in my kitchen. I loove it.

we made signs for their rooms! How fun..

I even got to paint one!! Yahoo.