Monday, May 23, 2011

Leap of faith

"It's your, take it,
Leap like a lunatic
Over the chasm below
erupting as you go
Your true self awaits you
NOW you will know
-Jane Evershed

I had a wonderful time chatting it up with some great girlfriends this past weekend and in one of my conversations we started to talk about some artwork that she would like to order...anyways we were trying to brainstorm as to what subject matter to put in her youngest son's room. She told me what had happened days before... Her son and her were in the paint store trying to decide what paint color to paint his room. He was very decisive rather quickly declaring "that's the color I want!" She tried persuading him against the color several times, as it was a very strong yellow. She told him he would get headaches if his room was that color, that it would be just too bright. He refused to change his mind and  eventually after needing to be somewhere else and running out of time to discuss it further, she looked down at the swatch, looked at the name of the color and bought it. The color was called "Leap of faith!"

What a great little story. Why not paint your kitchen orange(I did!) throw some whimsical art throughout the house even if it doesn't match...mix patterns...have fun, surround yourself with things you love, take chances.

Until next time, May you always walk in Sunshine.  May you never want for more. May Irish Angels rest their wings right beside your door.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Stretching my imagination...

So as an artist, I definetly want to improve, learn and try new things. I've been so inspired lately and wish I had more time in the day to actually create! So my new pieces I've been experimenting with more mixed media and I'm liking how it's turning out.

incorporating all kinds of mixed media...paints, magazines, words, pencil, markers, stamps

love the texture of this one...

this has a vintage feel to it...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Special moments throughout the day...

I hope everyone has those special moments in the day that really mean something and touch your soul. I think everyone does, but do you really stop and cherish those moments or let them go by without a second thought? I have really started to take notice of these "special" moments or God moments as I like to think of them. After my yoga class today, I came home and showered (you really have to shower before going anywhere else, after power yoga! It was an intense and hard class today!) I then went over to Signal Mtn. nursery to get Meg's teacher a gift certificate and I ran into a Dad that I haven't seen in about a yr. anyways, he was ringing me up and we chatted about our girls..he has a daughter that went to elementary school with my oldest daughter Madison. I mentioned that I saw his youngest daughter on facebook in a youtube video of her school talent show and how amazing she was, well he teared up. It was such a touching moment. He doesn't get to spend a ton of time with his girls(divorced) and you could tell he was soo proud. In these little moments, I think God teaches us little tidbits about life and if you really listen, you will grow.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Goodness! As much as I love doing my art, I also love browsing the internet... Now pinterest, has got my attention. Anything where I can compartmentalize all the things I love in a style board...It's got me in a frenzy of excitement...I had to spend quite a bit of time trying to figure it out, but I think I got it! I can't wait to wake up in the morning before yoga and pin some stuff on my boards..For those that have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, you will soon enough, it's another way to connect with others and follow what they like. I also love to follow blogs, it's a great way to start my day with my coffee..I am blown away by so many creative people out there. It makes me stretch my limits, my imagination, my thought process.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What are you passionate about?

"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion"-Hebbel

I am always stumped when I run into people without a passion, a true passion...a zeal (or is it zest) for life. I love life and am passionate about most things. I want to do it all...I want to be passionate about exercise, about traveling, reading, decorating my home, gardening, being a better friend, wife, many things to do, so little time!  I want to be a photographer, refinish furniture, make my own candle line, write a when I run into someone that just hangs around and cleans and says " I don't have any time to do things I'm interested in", I want to shake them and say "LIVE LIFE" make a difference, do something you only get one chance at this life. TRY many things till you find that one thing you are passionate about..Believe me, I've tried a bunch of things till this whole art thing blossomed...I did design work, came up with a girl's clothing line(Meg had an entire wardrobe when she was 3 that was designed by myself!), worked on a stationery line, a cupcake business,  tried writing and illustrating a children's book.I tried and tried! I was passionate about those ideas but it wasn't my time yet? Not sure, but it has prepared me for where I am today. All of those ideas has helped me along the way. But my point is, is that I am passionate about life and I do try new things, new foods, make new friends. Every day is a new day and that is a gift. This passion I have for my art is unreal...there are too many ideas swirling in my head..I can't make it fast enough( this must be how an author is when writing a book, where they are locked in a room just typing away on their computer!) Anyways, until next time, try something just might get passionate about it!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Where oh where do I get my inspiration!!!  First things first, I must be in a happy mood! I can not and will not make art when I'm unhappy! Luckily, I am rarely unhappy. First I paint my wood with my favorite color combinations, and then I start painting with the idea of a bird or owl...lately, though I am coming up with new ideas...giraffees, ice cream cones(a friend's idea! keep the ideas flowing..) flowers or trees and a cow or two...I truly find inspiration everywhere! From Target to driving down the mountain, ideas pop in my head all day. I want to work all day, from sunup to sundown! Seriously, it's become a passion. After I paint my design, I need to find words that are inspiring, encouraging, uplifting, spiritual or just plain fun! Luckily, I am a magazine addict! Truly, I admit it, I LOVE magazines..just as much as books!! I have subscriptions to Self, Shape, Yoga, Health, Runners, Oprah, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Vanity Fair, This Old House, Real Simple and then of course I buy art magazines that look especially inspiring(they are the most expensive magazines)...obviously I care about my health and my home!! These magazines are wonderful for inspiration...I cut up tons of inspirational messages and plaster them all over my art or I look through books for ideas...poets, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and e.e. cummings are my favorites and I love quotes by Eleanore Roosevelt. I think the "search" for my message takes longer sometimes than the actual art does.

Dunwoody Art Festival

definetly could not fit another piece of artwork!

my homemade banner!

 Well my first huge art festival was full of ups and downs...I literally worked for weeks before the show to have plenty of inventory! I was so excited! The big day finally arrived and my husband, mother and myself packed up my SUV full of artwork. Jason stayed behind with the kids( it was mother's day weekend, so I was a bit sad to not have that special day with them, but I was going to be with my own mother so it was all good!) My mother and I checked in at the W hotel and got upgraded to a luxury suite, so things were definetly starting off very well....I arrived the next morning at the festival on time, found the check in point, started to unload all of my artwork with the help of wonderful volunteers! Things were going very well! My tent looked very full and in my opinion really good! I do plan on changing my display up a bit in the future though( I ran out of time to make display walls and really think things through) After I was all set up and really looked at how the festival was set up, I realized the festival placed me off of the main road, off the beaten path...Boo! With about 10 other unlucky people....oh, well...nothing was done about it, and I did make sales even though we were off the well-traveled path....OK, Let's focus on the "good" again! I met some really fantastic artists and I am now following their amazing blogs, I even purchased some of their great art! I learned some invaluable lessons about festivals, how to do some things I'd like to do with my own art and just got really, really inspired!! I also met a shop owner in Atlanta that would like to carry my work!!  When I really look at all the positives, the festival was a "HUGE" success!! What's been your experience with festivals?

T.V. appearance by Sunshine Girl!!

Here's the set! Such friendly people! I had a wonderful time chatting it up with all the people associated with 3 Plus You!

almost 10 minutes till showtime, Nervous wreck about right now!!
I received an email a few weeks ago that stated that they would like to have me on a show called 3 Plus You! My initial reaction, thank you!! I'm the type of person that is definetly outgoing but extremely shy about talking in front of strangers (if I have time to think about it!) The anticipation is what kills it for me! I get extremely nervous, thinking of plenty of ways to mess up. BUT since I needed and wanted to get the word out about my business, Sunshine Girl Designs, I knew I needed to do it.. The anticipation about did me in...seriously, all the sleep I lost for 3-4 minutes of airtime was totally unneccessary!  NOW that I know how it's all set up and how easygoing and fun it can be, I'm pretty sure I can do a much better job. Growing a business is hard and challenging! But I am definetly having a ton of fun as well!!