Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Journey towards...

Aw.. I love all things creative! I seriously can't wait for a new day to see what cool things I might see, a new friend I might meet, a new adventure that I might do, a new food that I might try...the list is truly newest thing that I am trying is yoga, and let me tell you, this is an exciting adventure! I've been trying power yoga which is set to a heat of 85-90 degrees. It exhilirating to see these fellow women doing poses that are soo hard! I do not feel intimidated, I just feel excited, because one day I will be doing those same poses! I love that it's a long class, hard, centering and calm. I've been searching for a new exercise program, a program that would fit me... I've run 2 half marathons and thought running was my thing, but I never was truly as happy as all those other runners! I love running a 5K, and I will continue to run for cardio. I'm still debating on doing my 3rd half marathon, which I've already signed up for....hmmm. What kind of exercise makes you happy? Because I feel that if you truly aren't happy doing it, why do it? Until next time, Love...

Monday, January 17, 2011

"Birds on Board" for that skinny space

Building houses can have a few advantages...such as leftover "trim."Voila!! Birds on board were invented! Canvas can be expensive and well I needed to save on costs and I wanted to set myself apart....I started selling these at a local market here in Chattanooga that has incredibly creative people selling there wares...My husband came up with the fence idea, so I can't take credit for that ingenious idea. It's been great for displaying these fun whimsical birds! These are priced at $55 a piece and I can't wait to come up with my spring line..If you want to custom order one, just email me..great for a wedding gift, birthday present. Add some whimsy to your life.

Happy little blocks...

Using wood that I guess would end up in a corner of the garage or gasp..the dump..I have talked my husband into helping me transform plain ole wood into little blocks of inspiration! Well I don't just get to sit and create I have to go to the garage where he's cutting and observe so one day I can do it all on my own..Hmmm? why would I want to do that? But I go along with the pretense! These blocks are truly fun to make and I never know how each one will turn out or what I'm going for..What do you think? They are only $15 and make such fun gifts for anyone special in your life!