Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Journey towards...

Aw.. I love all things creative! I seriously can't wait for a new day to see what cool things I might see, a new friend I might meet, a new adventure that I might do, a new food that I might try...the list is truly newest thing that I am trying is yoga, and let me tell you, this is an exciting adventure! I've been trying power yoga which is set to a heat of 85-90 degrees. It exhilirating to see these fellow women doing poses that are soo hard! I do not feel intimidated, I just feel excited, because one day I will be doing those same poses! I love that it's a long class, hard, centering and calm. I've been searching for a new exercise program, a program that would fit me... I've run 2 half marathons and thought running was my thing, but I never was truly as happy as all those other runners! I love running a 5K, and I will continue to run for cardio. I'm still debating on doing my 3rd half marathon, which I've already signed up for....hmmm. What kind of exercise makes you happy? Because I feel that if you truly aren't happy doing it, why do it? Until next time, Love...

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  1. Power yoga? Amazing! I am impressed that you are trying new things and are not stuck in that "I am a runner" rut. I am feeling that way and am thinking of trying pilates. Good for you for keeping it interesting!
    PS have a bird on block in my kitchen and I think of you every time I see it. Got it from a friend who knows me so well that she knew it would be perfect!