Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bird memo holders

My bird memo holders have been a fun project to come up with. These can be hung on the wall or set on a desk, nightstand, your kitchen counter...Put a sweet note for your daughter, a recipe or a to do list in the clip. Let me know what you think! There are a few different sizes to these boards and vary in price from $35-$50. If you see one without the metal clip, you can get that added for free or you can buy it as just a piece of artwork!

Repurposing! Recycling! Excitement!

Blogging is alittle intimidating to me...I must admit that I'm not wonderful at composing myself in a wonderfully written piece. I was trying to write my bio this week for a store that is carrying my artwork and gave it to my husband to see what he thought...Well he's been making changes for a few days now...I think the more I blog though, I should eventually get better..right? I love challenges so we will see how this goes. This morning I went to an event geared to artists using materials that are going to go to the landfill. I had no idea what to expect but thought it would be fun! I found alot of great stuff! Hardwood floor samples, fabric swatches, wallpaper books, plastic chips. I can't wait to incorporate these items into my work! I then went to my father in laws and picked up a bunch of wood!! My family has been so supportive of my venture into the artworld. When I visited my own father not to long ago, he had a stack of fence wood waiting on me! My mother came to my house a few weeks ago and guess what she brought me? WOOD!! I am one lucky girl! It's great to have the support of family and friends.