Sunday, September 25, 2011


Dreams...$200 available for purchase
So do you dream with your eyes open? hmmm.......interesting question. YES, I do. Always. I think about my dreams sooo much that they have to come true, I'm persistent. If something fails, it stinks, but I definetly try something else to get me there. My dreams make me work hard! Here is a new piece that I've worked on for awhile.....what do you think?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Social Media having a business can be hard enough in itself but throw in alittle social media...and voila life is crazy! I took an online class with the amazing artist Kelly Rae Roberts and well her advice was having a strong online presence! So between my blog(which btw I'm not totally doing my best..must carve out more time for it!) facebook fan page( doing the best with this) pinterest(gettting more addicted) twitter(totally still figuring it out...) I missing anything? Oh, yeah Etsy! Posting my work on Etsy is soo time consuming and not sure if it's even worth it? Not sure if peole looking at my Etsy get directed to my facebook fan page...but if they did then it would be worth it just for that!  SO, with all my social media going on, when do I paint? heheh...I'm finding the time somehow, especially since we are nearing the holidays and I am so inspired. I can't wait to paint my ideas, it's like I can't do it fast enough! So anyways, please join my twitter, pinterest, add me to your circle on Etsy, join my facebook fan page so I can feel the love...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New work

Its been raining for days and now the weather is to perfection...60's! Oh how I love the 60's and 70's! I think this is the time of year when my creativity is at its highest. Summer is so hard, because the kids are home and I have no time to just hole myself up in my studio and paint, which is fine, because I love the pool, vacations and just hanging outside. Fall is amazing. Kids are back in school, and I'm in the studio again, getting things ready to go sell my wares at our local Market which is truly an amazing place, google Chattanooga Market to see what it's all about. Every Sunday I get to go set up my booth, meet new people, purchase some fruits and vegetables, and see what other creativity is going on.  Here is some of my latest work. What do you think? I love the mixed media aspects of each piece.

8 x 10

12 x 12

12 x 12

6 x 6

6 x 6

Friday, September 2, 2011

Custom Signs

a new fall sign I did...pick your main color and if you
want birds or owls or BOTH:) $25

How many birds are in your family?

Great for teacher gifts...
 I love making custom customers love a personalized sign for themselves or for a gift, and I love being able to do my artwork. Its a win-win! How do you order a sign? Well the first step would be to peruse through my photos on my facebook fan page(Sunshine Girl Designs) to see what I've done will give you good ideas..I'm excited about my new and improved signs this year. I've got a ton more fonts to use and lot more fabulous ideas...
need an original sign you have come up with? just shoot me
an email and I will see what I can do!

Halloween signs are so much fun to make!!

need a christmas sign?
I need the family name, color, year established and VOILA
your sign will be made, shipped and delivered! I make ones that

need a sign to say your favorite quote? This one was
done for a son's room.