Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Social Media having a business can be hard enough in itself but throw in alittle social media...and voila life is crazy! I took an online class with the amazing artist Kelly Rae Roberts and well her advice was having a strong online presence! So between my blog(which btw I'm not totally doing my best..must carve out more time for it!) facebook fan page( doing the best with this) pinterest(gettting more addicted) twitter(totally still figuring it out...) I missing anything? Oh, yeah Etsy! Posting my work on Etsy is soo time consuming and not sure if it's even worth it? Not sure if peole looking at my Etsy get directed to my facebook fan page...but if they did then it would be worth it just for that!  SO, with all my social media going on, when do I paint? heheh...I'm finding the time somehow, especially since we are nearing the holidays and I am so inspired. I can't wait to paint my ideas, it's like I can't do it fast enough! So anyways, please join my twitter, pinterest, add me to your circle on Etsy, join my facebook fan page so I can feel the love...

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