Thursday, May 19, 2011

Special moments throughout the day...

I hope everyone has those special moments in the day that really mean something and touch your soul. I think everyone does, but do you really stop and cherish those moments or let them go by without a second thought? I have really started to take notice of these "special" moments or God moments as I like to think of them. After my yoga class today, I came home and showered (you really have to shower before going anywhere else, after power yoga! It was an intense and hard class today!) I then went over to Signal Mtn. nursery to get Meg's teacher a gift certificate and I ran into a Dad that I haven't seen in about a yr. anyways, he was ringing me up and we chatted about our girls..he has a daughter that went to elementary school with my oldest daughter Madison. I mentioned that I saw his youngest daughter on facebook in a youtube video of her school talent show and how amazing she was, well he teared up. It was such a touching moment. He doesn't get to spend a ton of time with his girls(divorced) and you could tell he was soo proud. In these little moments, I think God teaches us little tidbits about life and if you really listen, you will grow.

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  1. That is so true. Sometimes we don't say the things we think..too busy or too self conscious. However, they always seem to be the thing that makes someone stand up straighter or turn their day around!