Monday, May 9, 2011

Dunwoody Art Festival

definetly could not fit another piece of artwork!

my homemade banner!

 Well my first huge art festival was full of ups and downs...I literally worked for weeks before the show to have plenty of inventory! I was so excited! The big day finally arrived and my husband, mother and myself packed up my SUV full of artwork. Jason stayed behind with the kids( it was mother's day weekend, so I was a bit sad to not have that special day with them, but I was going to be with my own mother so it was all good!) My mother and I checked in at the W hotel and got upgraded to a luxury suite, so things were definetly starting off very well....I arrived the next morning at the festival on time, found the check in point, started to unload all of my artwork with the help of wonderful volunteers! Things were going very well! My tent looked very full and in my opinion really good! I do plan on changing my display up a bit in the future though( I ran out of time to make display walls and really think things through) After I was all set up and really looked at how the festival was set up, I realized the festival placed me off of the main road, off the beaten path...Boo! With about 10 other unlucky people....oh, well...nothing was done about it, and I did make sales even though we were off the well-traveled path....OK, Let's focus on the "good" again! I met some really fantastic artists and I am now following their amazing blogs, I even purchased some of their great art! I learned some invaluable lessons about festivals, how to do some things I'd like to do with my own art and just got really, really inspired!! I also met a shop owner in Atlanta that would like to carry my work!!  When I really look at all the positives, the festival was a "HUGE" success!! What's been your experience with festivals?


  1. Hello! I started doing shows last started kinda late. But really enjoyed them. I learn new things still with each show I go to. I have yet to bring my art work, I only bring my crafts and animals. I do well but I also find I gain new customers that don't buy at the show because they contact me later for cusomt work. So I always think they are worth all the hard work that goes into it. I love being there to interact with customers and meet fellow artist and crafters. I am in the Chattanooga area as well, so I hope to see you around! Getting started is hard, I am still getting started! LOL But I look forward to seeing you grow!

  2. Well, this is the 4th time trying to comment on this post. I think it is something wrong with blogger...or maybe me. I am new to blogging.
    So, Let me try this again. I started going to craft shows last fall. I got started late, I know. But the few I was able to attend (and even host one in our little town) I enjoyed. I liked interacting with the customers as well as meeting fellow artists and crafters. I have not yet taken any of my art work. I have only taken my animals and other crafts. I think I have done pretty well, and I continue to learn things and gain ideas with each show I do.
    I am in the Chattanooga area, perhaps I will see you around! I look forward to seeing you grow. I am finding it a struggle to find time to craft and paint while working and juggling family as well! LOL! If you have any pointers let me know!