Friday, October 26, 2012

Goals from 2012 update!!

These were my top ten goals for 2012! Thought I would update you all on where I hold myself accountable:)

1)getting published in magazine(somerset studio or cloth, paper, scissors)-haven't submitted one thing...BUT I still have time! Will submit before Dec.31st...wish me luck!!
2) grow my workshops and fine tune them- keep working on fresh new ideas to teach the kids- Check!! I feel pleased with how my camps turned out this past summer.. & I am doing a holiday workshop in December which I think will be cute and FUN.
3)write a blog post everyday- definitely did not accomplish this...but I recently got back into it, so I will improve on this...
4)work on growing my twitter and fb fan page- mission accomplished! I have gained many new fans and work on this daily:) still don't understand twitter, but have I guess that's good?
5)keep learning new techniques in my art- YES! always working, always learning.
6)being more balanced(not focusing on my business 24/7)-getting there! I have stopped working most nights and have enjoyed a few movies or reading at night and have even planned more dinners with girlfriends!!
7)thinking more carefully before I launch new things into my business( I get too excited sometimes and don't think!!)- trying to get there...but probably won't accomplish this!
8)learning how to make my blog look more like I want it to look(which means I must learn alot!)- definitely have been attempting to figure this out and am pleased with my new banner:)
9)work on my tent "look" for when I sell at the Chatt market or art festivals- yes! been working on this and have gained many new ideas from the art show I participated in Atlanta!
10) work on my ETSY store- yes! been working on this and have over 100 listings..

All in all, I feel like I accomplished and have worked on many of my goals from 2012 and I even have some time left to still work on I must be thinking of new goals for 2013!!

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