Sunday, August 7, 2011

40th Fiesta Party for the hubby!

So my focus this month is not art...gasp. It's the love of my life's birthday party, that has my complete attention. I am a procrastinator my nature, so I must hold myself accountable, have goals, have ideas....oh the pressure!! Love it! Have you found pinterest yet?  I must admit it it a wonderful place where you can pin ideas on styleboards and keep everything organized. Organization, what a concept!! It's really helping me with this party...Here's what I'm thinking thus far. What do you think? Any ideas you wanna share? Oh, btw if you wanna follow me on pinterest just type in Melanie Underwood....

need to make tons of pom poms, in all colors

love the idea of this

cute, definetly going to do a photo booth!

love the props, would make great photos

all looks yummy

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