Saturday, August 13, 2011

Inspiration is everywhere

Good Morning...
I wanted to share some of the quotes that inspire me. I hope these might inspire you too..
I think this is very important! I'd rather have quality time with a small group, then quanity with a big group. I also try to be careful and spend time with people who really "lift" me up.
Being sad sometimes is normal, but I try and not dwell on the sadness and look to the happiness of life:)

EVERYONE has a talent.
This is is not set in stone, you have the ability to change it all up at any moment!YAY!!!

Isn't it always the simplest of things that make you happy? A cup of coffee, a book to read, laughter from the kids,a kiss from the husband=1 HAPPY life
"Where laughter falls like lemon drops"

This is how I live my life now...It can be a bit daunting at times, but I am loving every second.


  1. Love the quotes you posted! I came over from Flying Lessons : )

  2. Me too learning to fly. I love these. I pinched the bird one being a bird person.

  3. I love all these quotes - Thanks for the invite - Saw your post on Magically Mixed Art - I love your blog - Very uplifting and inspiring - I also have a blog @ - Please come by join and visit!

  4. I am a quote junkie! The love the second one from the top.

  5. Those quotes are great - especially the Aurelius one ! Looks good so far :)

  6. Looking Good! and that leads to Feeling Good! and that leads to being more Creative with whatever you desire! That phrase, "Go with the flow, doesn't apply here, because you Set the Flow.... so GO WITH THE GLOW AND LET YOURSELF FLOURISH! ~Denise (another Flyer with Purpose!)