Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's make a snowman outta yarn!!

Look what fun these are! My extended family came into town and I wanted to start a new tradition! These were more fun than I thought they would be, or rather let me rephrase..I KNEW it would be fun but didn't know if the kids would really get into it...Well let's just say we spent at least 4 hours on these snowman if not longer!  A great cold winters day project!
Which one do you think is mine?

you can paint the block of wood in chalkboard paint and then you can change the words!!

Joe Jumper from the Clay Pot hosts a project snowman every year, check out his page

Supplies you will need!

  • styrofoam balls are kinda expensive if you need a lot SO instead I used aluminum foil! Just shape it into a ball shape, the yarn will hide the imperfections
  • yarn in any color
  • bag of pom poms
  • bag of buttons
  • bag of pipe cleaners
  • blocks of wood or anything you can come up with as a platform
  • hot glue gun and plenty of glue-sticks
  • ribbon
  • glitter, paper,and jingle bells add whimsy but not necessary!
  • twigs from the yard
  • cotton balls for the snow effect:)

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