Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Summer Camp 2012 schedule announced!!!!!

Here are the details!!  I will have my assistant working alongside me every week along with an additional helper, so I can work more one on one with the kids on their paintings.
What are the times? 9:00- 2:00, bring a lunch on Mon and Tues...Wednesdays are pizza days! I provide a fun snack all days.
Where is it? The old location of Sweet Gipsy on James Blvd.Signal Mtn.
What is the price? $125, if you sign up for more than one week you will get $25 off, more than one child? $25 off!!Space will be limited in each class.  We WILL have a ton of FUN!!
Ages 5-12 you must be 5 before your session starts!

session 1: May 28-30 whimsical folk art houses
session 2: June 18-20 hippie week
session 3: July 9-11  peacocks
session 4: July 16-18  fun bird cages/ birds
session 5: July 23-25 self portraits( whimiscal not realistic!)
session 6: July 30-Aug 1 let's paint a cow!
session 7: Aug 6-8  butterflys

I will also be having a few drop in Fridays for fun events throughout the summer that will be geared for boys and younger kids:) more details coming soon.
email me at if you have any questions!!


  1. I do love your art, but you are too far away for me to attend your workshops.

  2. Another here who loves your work and would very much enjoy your workshops but way to far away for this Eastern Canadian.

    Deb Field