Monday, January 2, 2012

Valentines Workshop

I did two different camps in the yr of 2011 and well it was a ton of work but also a ton of fun. I've decided to do a few mini workshops throughout the yr as well as my summer and winter camps. Valentines is coming up and I thought it would be a great time to hold a workshop. How much fun is it to be creative when you have a ton of supplies to choose from. I think most parents would agree that making homemade valentines cards is the way to go, BUT all the supplies can be expensive and the task of finding all the supplies(cards, glitter, stamps, ribbon, doilies, construction paper, paints, glitter pens, markers, etc!!) can be overwhelming! Of course when you get all of the supplies and are ready to start, WHAT kind of cards are you going to make? Pinterest of course has helped with this, providing you with the most amazing ideas. But then your child wants to make cards with a few of her closest friends, so your on the phone trying to arrange times with the other parents and  calling the hubby to pick up snacks and drinks...and well why not just send them to a workshop where I provide all the fun, glitter, friends and snacks?

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