Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Camp Descriptions!

Summer is almost here, which means it's time to think about planning some fun adventures for your children. I hope you'll let them take an adventure with me! Here is the description of each session along with pics to give you a visual.


First session is May 29-31/whimsical folk art houses.

art by Karla Gerard

I'm very excited about this session, as you can see the colors will be bright and the paintings will be very whimsical. As the side project if you look at the bottom 2 pics we will be doing newspaper and magazine collage type smaller paintings.

unknown artist

 2nd session is June 18-20/Hippie week

We will be doing a large owl painting.I will show them 5 different ways to draw an owl. We will learn tecniques that allow layering it up with lots of fun colors!

We will also do a smaller peace sign painting.I think these will go great in your child's room!!!!
We will also be making some clay ornaments to hang in their room. Make them, bake them and paint them!!

fun snack!

3rd session:July 9-11/ Peacocks

exploring the colors of the peacock feather!

we will be making some peacock cards/tags for our craft!

fun snack!

Our inspiration for the peacock painting...I'm even excited about this session!

Session 4: July 16-18/Bird cages & birds

We will be painting a whimsical bird much like the paintings that I do, and we will be making these fun bird cages to hang in their rooms

Session 5: Self Portraits(whimsical)July 23-25- CAMP IS NOW FULL....


how FUN will these be...I can't wait for them all to line up with these adorable paintings! Have an older child? I will be showing them advanced ways to make their mouths, eyes and noses...

fun snack for the artist!

fun birds will be made as well!!

Session 6: Let's paint a cow!!July 30-Aug 1

our inspiration for our cow session!

very colorful, very whimsical!

fun snack!!

fun craft we will be making(recycled cuffs) Boys will make different craft!!

Session 7: Butterfly~Aug 6-8

We will be painting a large butterfly on a 16 x 20 canvas and be doing a super cute butterfly craft.

going to be so colorful!!

craft!! tons of punched out butterflys on a smaller canvas! so cute!

yummy snack... trail mix-so the older kids can enjoy:)

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